Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Draping

Hooo... this was my first draping competition.. It was yesterday afternoon at ITC Surabaya.. I was the second participant, not the second winner and also not the first until sixth winner.. Hehehe... But it's okay.. I just look for some experiences by participated on that competition.. I was there with my two buddies from Arva.. Three of us worked for about three hours and did the best we could.. 

We're not without preparation for joined that competition. We had a practice class and also self practice at home. Ya, because that was our first draping :) Sadly, I like my draping exercise results better than on the competition. But anyway, I love that very much and I'm not give up to join the next competition.. :)  

Friday, November 19, 2010

Unrecognized Engagement

This's me on Wednesday when my BF and I attended an engagement party in Surabaya. The bridge is not our friend, she's my BF sist's friend. So we represented his sista to attend. We knew nobody there, so we just chatted on two and enjoyed our free dinner. Hehehe..  So that was me in tie dye dress.. Not too much, right? For an unrecognized party.. Hehehe...  :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Wedding

Neons, this's me yesterday.. There was some problems with my internet connection yesterday, so I couldn't send a new post. Hmmm.. yesterday was my cousin' wedding! I'm so happy for her and her hubby.. Hope would be come a new baby, it's ok girl or boy, sist! :D

Ya, for my lovely cousin, I chose my lovely fits too.. This tube dress is my favourite dress because it's colour, so light and makes me look feminim with out too much make ups and accesories. I love it's design too, modern yet simple. Hmm... and the most important thing, I can wear it both on day dan night party.. :) So, how do I look? :) Do you think I'm better in casual? Hehehehe...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Day I Met Them

Yupiii! Today's my first day I met with my Arva friends and the mentors. There was a meeting called "orientation" for new L'Arvas (calls for Arva's students). I have seven classmates, but one of them was absent today. So I hope I can meet her tomorrow. :) Today's agenda : handover the hand books (I read them at a glance and it makes me can't wait for the class :p), introduction of Arva and the mentors, little breakfast :), handover the dummy and the iTouch! Hmm... so much fun! :) For this first meeting I follow the dress code : Denim.. :) Because fortuitously I brought a denim blouse from Malang, so I chosed it..

In the evening, I planned for cinema (again, hehehe). I just remembered about my batik pants. I seems so comfortable for tonight. So I wear it and fitted it with a basic t-shirt...

Yeaah... So that's my day today.. I just can say : I love it and thank You :D I really excited for tomorrow class!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

17 Again

Feels like 17 again not because I got my shiny face back or spend much time with friends, It's about my new boarding house. I've been here for two days, and I always awake up early, about 6, because I hear the girls here make some noises. Yeah, they're preparing for their school day. Such a annoying situation but also remind me about a sweet memory, when I woke up early every morning and prepared the school days with sticky eyes and suffered from cold.  Hehehe... I think may be I should try to do this again (even I'm not too brave to promise even to my self :D).. There's no bad side to wake up early.. Like this morning, I awoke up at 6 and tried to close my eyes, but couldn't. So I woke up, opened my curtains, made a glass of hot chocolate and got my bread. It felt pretty good! Then I prepared for spend my day with my BF. I chosed my simple suit and brought my jumper because we also planned for cinema today. See, I think I'm going to repeat up early tomorrow so I'll sleep early today... Nite everyone! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Place I Call "Home"

It's all about the boarding house... This morning I went to Surabaya.. I looked for a boarding house... I thought it would spent much time, but I got it fastly.. Yey! Now, I have a new boarding house and it's awesome... Can't wait to be there :D Then, all I have to now is : packing! Happy packing!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun + Tired = Today

Horay!!! Today is full of fun! Me and friends had lunch, snacks, and dinner around Malang and Batu... The most fun part is when we walked around Batu Secret Zoo... It was tiring but so much fun..! Me with this casual outfits, was still enthusiastic although we had to walked about one and a half hours... We saw many unique creatures, knowledges about animals, and also took some photos there... Hmm.. nice to meet all of you, cuties! :)